Chin Lu


- SF Egotist 2018,  What I Learned This Year”
- Newhive 2014
, “Ride the Feminist  Ad Wave”

Personal  essays
About my personal experiences, whether it’s being an Asian American, an immigrant, or a millennial professional:

- VICE 2016,The Not-Quite-American Feeling of Being a 1.5 Generation Immigrant"  This was picked up by my alma mater UC Berkeley's alumni Twitter account and
- VICE 2017, "Why I'm Proud to Be a Naturalized Citizen in 2017"  This story was picked up by Define American, founded by journalist Jose Antonio Vargas
- VICE 2016, "Being A Teenager Is Hard Enough Without Learning English As a Second Language" This story was picked up by TaiwaneseAmerican.Org
- VICE 2016, "When I Immigrated, TV Taught Me How to Be an American"

(NOTE: In 2016, The Bold Italic moved their content to be hosted on Medium instead of their own domain, so comments and shares on all of their stories were lost during this transition.)

Humor and fun pieces

- The Bold Italic 2013,Why Yellow Fever Is Different Than Having A Type"  This is one of their top 10 most popular stories ever and has been shared over 7 thousand times and received more than 200 comments. It was shared on the Jezebel site as well as tweeted out by @HuffPostSF and @AngryAsianMan.

- The Bold Italic 2015, "Portraits of Cats Dressed in Matching Outfits with Their Owners"
This popular photo story was picked up by Refinery29, The Gloss, and MamaMia the Australian women's lifestyle site.
- The Bold Italic 2013, "Top 10 Typical Dating Profiles"
- East Bay Express 2016, Best of East Bay:  Nightlife & Entertainment  Best role model for youth.
- East Bay Express 2016, Best of East Bay:  Arts & Culture  Best dance studio.