Chin Lu

I’ve created social content for dozens of brands (both consumer and B2B), agencies, influencers, and publication accounts. Below is a curated collection.

CHARACTER MEDIA (Formerly known as Kore)
As the contract social media manager for this Asian American entertainment news magazine, I not only create the social content but also interact with influencers such as journalists, actors, producers, directors, and writers often.
Instagram Stories

Instagram posts
Facebook posts


For branded content projects, frequently both influencers and clients need copywriting help with the promotional posts.  I provided text such as social content copy, video titles, video descriptions, and playlist names while maintainin their unique voices and following requirements such as FTC disclosures and marketing messaging.
Todrick Hall for Universal Pictures

The Merrell Twins for  Universal Pictures
Stephen Curry for  “5 Minutes From Home”

Corridor Digital for Google Chromebook

Marshmello for Google Pixel

JC Caylen for Google Pixel
Gordon Ramsey for Google Pixel
Lauren Elizabeth for YouTube x Macy’s

eBay for Busines
eBay would be nothing without their seller community. The B2B target audience  here is middle-aged SMB owners and entrepreneurs. Researching  this group to see what kind of content would engage them was a great opportunity to learn something new. 


During my time at the award-winning content studio, I helped with their company social content on top of my responsiblities as the Senior Strategist, The engagement rate on Twitter went up by 40% with my community management, and I interacted with our clients and partnering influencers. 


In 2014, I provided overall social content strategy as well as monthly calendars for California Pizza Kitchen's social media based on research of competitors, target audience, and current social landscape.

I spearheaded the popular CPK Menu Madness Facebook activation, which is the most successful social media campaign the client ever had at that point. 


I was the only social media lead for this luxury skincare brand for 9 months, and I developed the content and campaign calendar as well as created most of the visuals. During this time, the brand’s total social following increased by 180% on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 


In 2012, Method asked Mekanism to add a little more oomph to their Facebook updates and tweets. Besides creating content, we also strategized for consumer social engagement acivations such as giveaway and contest every month around their product category focuses. We increased the brand pages’ fans by 13% in five months. I also supplied 90 out of 100 pins with SEO captions on their holiday Pinterest board that year.


In 2013, Muscle Milk launched Evolve a brand new protein beverage for women, and I helped compose content for its social media channels. In 5 months its communities grew from nothing to 12 thousand fans. I also provided the titles and ideas for ten of @DrinkEvolve’s Pinterest boards.

Note: Unfortunately this brand is no longer available.


I managed the company’s social accounts and created content for social and blog (now defunct) as the agency’s voice in 2013. The agency is known for being irreverent, witty, cutting-edge, and I maintained that positioning online.

During this time, the number of engaged Facebook fans jumped by 370%, and the unique monthly visitors of the company blog increased by 20%.